Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Introducing a Brand New Kosher Casual Product!

I could barely wait to open the package on this new jacket from Kosher Casual! Their running skirt already made me a KC addict, but when Anna from Kosher Casual told me that they were coming out with a jacket, I was beyond excited!

Living in Central Florida in April, the weather always keeps us guessing. Most days the sun is shining and the temperature is mild, somewhere around 70 degrees, but when the sun goes behind the clouds it can turn brisk quickly. Today I wore the jacket to my son's baseball game, and even in the sun it was the perfect item to wear. During the peak of the heat, it nicely wicked away any perspiration and when the clouds rolled in it kept the chill away. The material (90% polyester 10% lycra) is the softest, most flattering textile that I have come across in the last 3 years since I began running. It stays in place during movement and keeps its shape beautifully. This jacket is a great wash-and-wear item with plenty of color to dazzle your senses! This color is magenta, and they carry fuchsia, black, blue violet and cornflower blue.

The sleeves are a comfortable length; on me, they lay slightly beyond the wrist, but not quite as long as thumb hole shirts. This is a perfect length for those chilly mornings when you don't want to running gloves, but you want to cover your hands.

The jacket has a full zipper, neatly enclosed in the in the structure of the interior facing of the jacket that travels up to cover the neck. Unzipped, the collar sits nicely on its own to offer a sporty style. There are zippered pockets on either side of the waist. With a flattering ladies cut design, the body of the jacket offers a smooth feminine style. This has become my favorite athletic jacket!

For those of you that enjoy modesty in your active lifestyle, Kosher Casual has many things to offer! Check out the running skirts while you are on their website. The quality is superb!


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