Thursday, January 21, 2010


Regardless of the fact that she has surpassed my shoe size or that she looks eyeball to eyeball at me, Hannah Rae will always be my little girl. God saw fit to strategically place her between two eweyy-gooey boys and she loves it, despite what she will tell you. Being the only girl has afforded her the undeniable privilege of being the only Daddy’s Girl, and let me tell you, she works it. =) If there is a baby or an animal anywhere in sight, she is sure to be sitting by, observing, holding, or loving on it as much as it will let her. She has taken a great interest in fixing her hair in new ways and loves to try new bubble bath and perfume. Don’t get me wrong now, if there is a ballgame anywhere, she is sure to find her way into it, and when she does, those boys better watch out….

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