Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is totally AMAZING! My little 10 year old wanted to have his picture taken with his school books! Truthfully, as a part of our homeschooling goals, the love of learning is way up there on our list. Trenton does love to learn new things, but sometimes on his terms. His favorite subjects are History and Science. He does like to read when he gets into it, but mostly it is really hard for him to settle his wiggles down enough to digest what he is reading. He is often found doodling something, but he says he is not really into Art. This year he is taking an art class at Co-op and the first semester went fine, mostly because there were a couple other boys in the class. This semester it is just him and the girls, so he begged me to let him out of it. I prayed that he would not quit but just stick it out. Over Christmas break, we gave him a calendar that had instructions to make all sorts of origami figures. This is an all time favorite of his. When we went back to Co-op we told the art teacher of his new love and she suggested that he show the class how to do origami! Talk about a total attitude change! He cannot wait until Monday when we get to go back to art class and HE gets to be the teacher!

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